Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Vivi's Rainy Day Primer

Grab your Sleeping Beauty umbrella and your Hello Kitty rain boots and follow some of three-and-a-half-year-old Vivi’s advice for getting out and about when the summer rain has got you down:

1. Go bowling. Get to wear fabulous retro red and blue bowling shoes. Bat your eyelashes and ask dark-haired, handsome guy to fetch your ball for you and give you a quick bowling tutorial. Request gutter guards to minimize tantrums. I prefer duckpins due to my diminutive size, but I don't actually know of any duckpin bowling alleys in New York City (although rumor has it that Chelsea Piers may have some in their arcade).

2. Wander around the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Take in a Jackson Pollock painting. Assure yourself that you could do that in about five minutes if only Mommy would let you actually paint in the apartment. Demand to be carried around for the rest of your visit because everyone knows just how exhausting museums can be. Sing nonsensical songs loudly.

3. Get thee to a hairdresser. There's nothing worse than trying to swim with your bangs always in your eyes. Don't be afraid to try a new look because, really, everyone else is away for the summer and won't see you before you've had a chance to grow out any unfortunate haircuts. This is me as Anna Wintour.


  1. Great advice, Vivi! Nat & Lizzie would love to see that same Jackson Pollock - they've grown quite fond of it from their Olivia book. You rock that Anna Wintour cut!